Strong. Helpful. Friendly. That is the Portfolio brand promise. The Portfolio Difference is what sets them apart from the other financial planning firms. Approachable, personable and "going above and beyond" are a few of the advantages we were trying to convey. A color pallet of blues and greens were used along with custom illustrations to reenforce the sense of customization of the financial packages created by Portfolio.

MAXWELL the Portfolio Financial Dog was developed to connect with customers in a more relaxed, personal manner. He represents loyalty, companionship and trustworthiness. Used heavily throughout Portfolio marketing materials, MAXWELL has become a main ingredient to the Portfolio brand. He is used in various poses and situations with a range of expressions. 

I am very impressed with Masik Graphic Design. David has done an incredible job establishing a strong, cohesive identity for Portfolio that has been very effective at communicating my strengths to my clients.
— Tim Triolo, Principal, Portfolio Financial


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