Before design can begin on your new website, we need to create the information architecture. This information is used to determine site objectives, target audiences, purpose and function to ensure an effective website that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Client *
Be specific.
Primary : the audience that is the main focus of your site. We will optimize site for this group. Secondary: Audiences that are important, not critical.
Think in terms of benefits your company provides as opposed to the services offered.
Making an existing site more intuitive or easier to use; Explain and promote services; Gathering customer feedback; Attracting new audiences; Sell products; Reducing phone calls; etc.
Do you need a search tool? Downloadable PDFs or interactive forms? Events calendar? Online sign up for events? Use as intranet for internal communications?
Will they be coming to download specifications? Purchase Products? Educate themselves? Interact with company experts? etc.
This is done by listing all of the important questions a visitor would want to know from your website. These "questions get reworded into 2 or 3 word content areas. "what does your company do" would become "about us" or "mission" -- "How do I get to your office" becomes "directions"
Will this be you or someone in your office? Masik Graphic Design?
Facebook, twitter, etc. If yes I will need to the URLs to these accounts.