Born Beautiful

Born Beautiful offers  hair and skincare products made from simple, natural ingredients such as mango and shea butters and essential oils from Africa. Client requested packaging design for 5 products along with custom illustrations to represent each of the products. In addition to the packaging and illustrations, the client also needed business cards, product photography, website with store, social media and t-shirt design. 

Born Beautiful is an interesting company. It was conceived by Daisy Jones-Love after enduring countless bad salon experiences. Her breaking point came after she suffered chemical burns and had to shave off all of her hair. She decided to start natural but was very unhappy with the products on the market. 

Daisy began to formulate her own products for kinky, coily, wavy hair using simple, natural ingredients and created an amazing line of products. Seriously, I had all of the products in my studio for the photoshoot. They are incredible. The Fabulous Mango Butter Hair Whip smells so good! And I can tell you from my own experience that it is the best skin moisturizer I've come across...but I digress.

Born Beautiful had a clear image in mind. Clean, minimalist design principals utilizing modern, fun illustrations and imagery. 

I'm excited for the future of Born Beautiful as product sales are increasing and more stores are carrying the products on their shelves as retailers and customers take notice. 

Masik Graphic Design has done an AMAZING job for Born Beautiful. He took all of the information we provided along with our marketing goals and MGD created a consistent look throughout the packaging and marketing materials that was even better than I could have ever imagined. Iā€™m very pleased with the results.
— Daisy Jones-Brown - Owner, Born Beautiful, LLC


Packaging design, custom illustrations to represent each product, photography


Left to right: Mango, Lemongrass, Cherry Pop, Cocoa Bean Pods and Shea nut

Business Cards

3 design options for business cards were presented. Client was so happy that she had them all printed. 


The Born Beautiful website includes crisp modern graphics, a lot of white space and custom graphics throughout. It also includes an online store where you can purchase products.