Hi John,

This gallery contains the images of your calendar - in order from cover to back cover. Because it is a "Where's BIG-FOOT?" theme I included a key on the back cover to reveal the hidden big-foot locations. Also, the goal of the calendar is two-fold -- to give your customer something useful, and to keep MATRIX in front of them. If there is one thing that is hard to come by, it is a view. With that in mind I considered that wall space is also sacred as offices and work spaces become tighter and tighter. So instead of using project images and slurry pictures, I used woodsy, outdoor images, and included short blurbs along the bottom of each page.  The outdoor images tie in well with BIG-FOOT vibe, give them something nice to look at, while still keeping the matrix brand in front of them. Take a look and let me know what you think. Use the controls to make the images go forward and back.