David Masik

Masik Graphic Design offers 20+ years of award winning graphic design, advertising and branding experience. One thing that became painfully obvious through my years leading corporate art departments is that graphic artists are a dime a dozen. GOOD graphic design is hard to find. And good graphic design that doesn't cost you a fortune is even harder to find. Graphic design is more than a pretty picture. Design moves. Many people can make something look attractive, but to grab one's attention, effectively communicate your message, evoke a response, fit within your brand standards AND look pretty - that requires a GOOD graphic designer. 

In addition to my 20+ years of corporate and studio experience, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. I have designed for markets in the US as well as UK, Spain, Australia, China, Germany, and South America. Projects include: logo design, corporate identity, branding, annual reports, brochures, website design, tradeshow/exhibit design, billboards, vehicle signage, advertising, events, videos, powerpoint presentation design, package design, illustration and photography.

Good, effective graphic design doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Although cheap, ineffective design is not only a waste of money, it will adversely affect your brand making you appear scattered, disorganized and unprofessional to your customer.