O'Brown Father Daughter Dance 2016

Below are images that can be used for enlargements up to 4x6 or so. If you plan to have enlargements made bigger than this, please take a quick picture of your photo and text it to me along with your email address. I will send you the largest file I have of the image approx 13" x 10" at 300dpi which should be large enough for any size enlargement you would like.


Send me an email at david@masikgraphicdesign.com -- Save and attach the photo below to the email and I will reply with the high resolution, original image, without cropping. Or, Text photo and email address to 262-822-2233 and I will email the photo over to you. 


It was a please to photograph you all. Thank you for attending the 2016 Father Daughter Dance. Hope to see everyone again next year.  


Thank you,

David Masik